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Monday, Monday

A usual Monday today, although the trains conspired to spice things up a bit.

Very cramped this morning on the commute, after a power outage further down the track and cancellation of a train, leaving Guildford platform three people deep trying to squeeze into the coach with two more stops to go!

The rest of the day was fairly mundane, with a break for Pilates at lunchtime.

Pilates on a Monday used to be the soul preserve of women escaping the office routine, until a couple of other guys and myself started two or three years ago, but interestingly the word of the core benefits must have got round as there were 7 or 8 chaps today, probably a third of the class. How times change!

STA Badges

The elder boys had their final swimming lesson of the term this evening, and got their badges for consistency towards various efforts today and during the term. Joshua got badges for his ‘medley’ transitions, which he has done particularly well at this term. Liz said a final farewell to Jean, her friend, who she met at swimming some years ago and with whom she ‘connected’, and this was to be her last term with her son, Jack.

It was my final swim of the term as well, which turned out to be a relatively easy forty minutes of lengths. Now I must remember to swim during the summer, otherwise it will be back to square one in September – assuming we are still in Guildford at that time, which is looking likely, given the continuing state of our housing chain and the British housing market in general!

Good to see that Bradley Wiggins is extending his lead in the Tour de France as well; he won the stage today, a 40km time trial, and his Sky Procycling teammate, Christopher Froome was second. Sky are now the team to beat and it is shaping up into an interesting Tour πŸ™‚ although with only 1:53 lead over last year’s winner, Cadel Evans, it is still anyone’s race.

Summer Fair

What a lot there was going on today!

I had my first long run for a few weeks planned this morning, even though the weather was looking to remain it’s recent inclement self, then we had the Pewley school fair from 12:00-2:00, while at the same time the British Grand Prix, the Men’s final at Wimbledon and the continuing tour de France which today had it’s first climbing finish.

My run was great, in spite of, or perhaps because of, the rain. It was incredibly muddy after the last few days, but I didn’t feel like sticking to the roads all the time, so ended up jumping around the puddles and mud along the canal and up through the trails over the downs again. Of course, the recent rain has a secondary effect as well; it makes everything grow and without the usual volume of walkers, ramblers, horses, cyclists and runners, the trails were somewhat overgrown. I spent a good kilometre running through waterlogged stinging nettles, which, because they were wet did not seem to sting, but interestingly for the rest of the day, I felt a strange sensation on the surface of the skin of my legs which I can only put down to my earlier encounter with nature.

I managed to get a few hills in and ended up doing a very slow 15 miles, without, it seems any adverse affects. Very promising, and if I can repeat this feat over the next couple of weeks, I will have a lot more confidence in my upcoming exploits.

Bouncy Castle

After the exercise, it was time for the fun, for the children at least πŸ™‚ They always get very excited about the summer fair, mainly because of the opportunity to go wild in their school grounds without the teachers chastising them! The other treats involve ‘jolly jars’ a guaranteed hit, which is a raffle for a jam jar of chewy sweets, lollipops, drops, chocolates and so on. Each one is different as they would have been put together by all of the parents and donated as part of the proceedings. We made four ourselves and put them into the pot, and the children invariably clammer to get to the Jolly Jar stall first thing to see if they can win the biggest. Unlike some of the other attractions, they are guaranteed to win something, so that always saves having to explain the virtues of gambling to 5 and 6 year olds (the elder children have learned that lesson already in their past years at the school of hard knocks.

They had great fun for a couple of hours running round a massive (swallow-up-20-children) bouncey castle, then watched a traditional Punch and Judy show for 30 minutes or so. After a visit to the bric-a-brac and the bottle tombola we were pretty much done

Of the other things going on today which I mentioned earlier, there was the British Grand Prix (which wasn’t won by a British driver) and the Wimbledon Men’s singles final (which wasn’t won by a British Player) but British pride was finally restored after Bradley Wiggins was 4th in the first climb finish stage on Day 8 of the Tour de France and took the overall yellow jersey!