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New Shoes

It has been overdue for some time, but I have today received some new shoes!

Inov8 Terrafly 303

Rather I should say that I bought some shoes of a new type – Inov-8 Terrafly 303.

I have had quite a few pairs of Inov-8 shoes before as they seem to be perfect for my shape and size of feet. They are also one of the original shoe manufacturers to consider more natural running several years ago, and although some of their trail and hiking shoes have a significant amount of protection and cushioning, they also have other shoes which are very minimalist.

They also have a number of feature which they incorporate in varying degrees which help the transition to more natural and barefoot running.

Over the last few months I have been wearing a combination of vibrams, vivo barefoot evos, both of which are as minimalist as you can get, and the pair of Inov-8 Talon 212, which are not really designed for road running but are minimally cushioned performance trail shoes (which I wore at Leadville incidentally). So, of course these new shoes have more cushioning than anything I have worn for nearly the last two years and consequently they feel like slippers! 🙂

The beauty of these shoes is that they are designed as a cross between road and trail shoes, so they’ll be perfect for the majority of my runs around Guildford and the surrounding countryside. It may be a bit different on soft sand or looser surfaces such as scree, and gravel, but it remains to be seen if they will be suitable for the MdS next year – after all, you can’t really tell if a pair of shoes fit until you’ve run 75 miles in them.

Liz's Friend Mustapha (#2)

Talking of which, the competitors at the Marathon des Sables are having a well earned rest day today, although the last few arrived at the bivouac just after 4:00pm this afternoon. Half of the field were in before 1:30am this morning, having been out in the desert for over 16 hours traversing the 82km presented to them.

Tomorrow they have the ‘Marathon’ day, but they will all, no doubt, be thankful of the rest they will be getting tonight.

Liz is pretty much fully recovered from her ordeal now, in that her body has all but recovered from the symptoms, but she still gets tired a lot, which is presumably an indication that her body is actually still recovering. We still do not have a definitive date for the operation, and so at this stage we are expecting it to be in May. The children will be back to school next week, so that will give her a chance to rest properly, which is just as well as I have to go away with work to Washington DC for a conference.

We’ll still have many people helping out though, for which I am very grateful.