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Sleepovers, Ketchup and Kites

Morgan had had a sleep over with a very brave parent overnight, so after breakfast the first thing to do this morning was to pick him up. However, as we had a party to go to at 11am, to which all of the children were invited, and a present was still required, there was no time to really think first thing. The morning seemed to disappear into a haze of toy shopping, traffic jam frustration and children’s party entertainment – no surprise I relinquished the usual desire for a coffee to see me through the morning and I has a beer in my hand just before midday.

Liz has still been resting today and although she came along to the party, she was very tired by the end of things and so we had a quiet afternoon.

Well, Liz did, at least.

Barnstormer Bi-Plane Kite

Col was very kind to look after the children while they were making the most of the warm weather with a water fight outside on the front lawn, before trying some kite flying with the numerous kites we have around the house; for a full 3D biplane kite, to the normal box kite and seagull impersonations to a simple mini pocket kite. Ironically, the large biplane provided the most fun, but it’s ascension into the lower atmosphere was achieved largely through the motive force of our youngster’s legs rather than the movement of any air from one point to another. Plenty of energy expended. Tick!

Chicken satay for dinner was welcome, but Liz had a quick trip to the hospital to check out some ‘bruising’ around her groin.

Everything was fine with her though. It is apparently quiet normal to have bruising after the operation, given the ‘manipulation’ the surgeons carry out during the operation, and it is also quiet normal for the bruises to show up when any swelling goes down, but the visit was necessary to ensure her confidence in her recovery is increasing.

Up to Town

Liz is feeling a lot better today.

No Weight Training Allowed

She had a brief period this morning where she actually felt like things were back to normal, which, considering what she has been through over the last couple of weeks, is extraordinary. Nevertheless, she was still under strict instructions not to carry out any extreme feats of housework, DIY or anything involving heavy lifting or endurance activities 😕

We had nothing out of the ordinary planned today, except the children’s normal activities, drama and swimming. They were parcelled off to their venues with the only problem being a change of venue and time for the drama, which meant unearthing emails at rushing to the other side of Guildford; it was a longer session anyway, so Morgan didn’t miss much. Luke is still not well, so I took Savannah swimming on her own, which she enjoyed and we picked Morgan up on the way back from the pool.

After a winter vegetable soup lunch (Covent Garden, not home-made, boooo!) Liz had a half hour rest as she was exhausted again sitting with the children this morning.

Then we ventured out and up to town!

Apple Airport Extreme

The expedition was slow as we were wary of every step, not the easiest thing with four children in tow, but all in all the trip was uneventful. An excursion to ‘Blott’ for the children to spend some pocket money, Sainsbury’s for Mothering Sunday provisions, and The Entertainer for presents for the hosts of parties Luke and Savannah are going to tomorrow. Finally, we popped into the Solutions Inc (Apple reseller) store as they had reopened after refurbishment and were offering 10% discount for the afternoon which, as anyone who knows Apple will understand, is unheard of! So I have an Airport Extreme wireless router to set up at some point 😎 I’ll update the details at some later point. Liz managed very well and, true to style, was already talking about walking the children up Pewley HIll to school before too long.

The second resting day was completed with a fine meal of Fajitas and nachos with salsa (the Children are converts, which I am quite pleased about for our planned holiday in August :-)). As I write this Liz is sitting up and looking and sounding a lot better all the time.

Relief all round.