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Final RV Day

This was to be our final day with the RV 🙁

We had plenty to do though, but as we thought it had to be returned to the Cruise America Sales and Rental site in Salt Lake City at 1pm, we were under the impression we had plenty of time to spare to empty tanks, fill up to anticipate leaving it with 1/4 tank of gas, and the domestic arrangements for getting the laundry done so as to ensure not taking home a weekend full of chores.

We left the KOA Fillmore RV Park and stopped for gas, and that was when the nightmare ‘paying-for-gas-and-treats’ began. The cashier, charged me for someone else’s fuel and just managed to call me back as I was leaving. 3/4 hour later after involving 3 people in the gas station, 2 administrator call lines from the head office of the chain (which I won’t mention), realising I hadn’t been charged correctly for the sweets I’d bought either and then multiple attempts to credit the wrong amount back onto my card before finally debiting the right amount, we were on our way again.

The Long Journey Home

So, of course, we were now late! Not the best way to start your last full day of holiday.

Liz drove all the way for the final 150 miles from Fillmore back to the Cruise America depot and luckily we made good time and arrived a few minutes before 1pm, only to discover, ironically, that we needn’t have been back before 3pm! Such is life! 😉

We were possibly all rather tired after so much travelling or, more likely, just melancholic about the fact it was the end of such a fantastic holiday. Either way, everyone was rather subdued on that last journey as we contemplated our return to the UK and our respective routines – all good things come to an end, but if anyone has a green card going spare, there are at least three people I know of who would consider taking up the opportunities afforded by such a sought after document!

We unloaded the cases and left the last of our remaining supplies on the table for ‘incoming’ clients, although most of the perishables were immediately squirrelled away by our thick-set Mexican taxi driver – perks of the job I guess.

Nevertheless, he transported us to the hotel without difficulty and we were soon trying to negotiate all the extra luggage we had acquired, via a rather overloaded trolley, to our rooms. After unpacking the evening essentials, we then discovered that the Utah licensing laws were quite strict on the sale of alcohol and although dad and I found a restaurant for lunch, while Liz took the children to the pool, there was no beer to be had – horror!

A few more hours at the pool, catching up with diaries, blogs and notes, and swimming with the children (even the few small pools we have had at the parks we have stayed at have helped to give the little ones more confidence in the water; I suspect neither of them will need a ring when they get back to swimming lessons next term.

Eventually we finished the evening with a nice meal and settled the children down after watching a bizarre programme on the World’s Greatest Water Rides, which they seemed to enjoy.

RV Trip, Day 16: Fillmore to Salt Lake City, UT
Day Mileage: 151 miles
Total Mileage: 2400 miles