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You take the high road…

We had been planning this weekend for some time, and it was going to be special, not because ‘I’ was running, but because the rest of the family were running – in fact this was to be the first ever time that we had all run together at an event, so really a bit of a family milestone.

Team Pomeroy - Numbers at the Ready.
Team Pomeroy – Numbers at the Ready.

Edinburgh has for a number of years held a ‘festival of running’ on the weekend when the marathon has taken place, and it is advertised as a family friendly event, so ideal, we thought, to motivate the children with a tee-shirt and a medal as they arrange races at all possible distances from junior races of 1.5km and 3km, and then 5km and 10km races on the Saturday and half and full marathon races on the Sunday.

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The First Steps

All of a sudden, it seems that there have been a lot more things to do than blog, so I’ve not really had the chance to record my daily musings on various subjects. So here’s a bit of a round up from the last couple of weeks.

I finally got around to doing my schedule, fitting together a keenly carved plan to allow me rest every third week, while ramping up my mileage no more than 5% per week. This also takes into account a couple of races I have planned as ‘test’ runs – mainly to get myself ready for the rigours of the MdS as I don’t really want to be finding out new things about race preparation in the middle of the Sahara! More about the schedule later.

Talking about entering races, the Centurion Running guys had another crack at the whip as they had promised, after the technical problems they’d had with their web registration, due to the popularity of their planned 2013 SDW100 along the South Downs. The race in mid-June goes from Winchester to Eastbourne, passing only a few miles south of Guildford so should be ideal for me. This time (2nd Oct) everything hung together on the website and I, and nearly 150 others, registered in the first hour. The race was sold out by the end of the week. I am looking forward to doing this as it should be a treat, similar to the Cotswolds race I competed in, what seems many years ago now!

Last week, the EBRD IT dept had our team retreat. In the past this has been a rather more social event than was planned for this time, primarily due to senior management changes, but on Thursday I duly made my way across to Frimley, only about 20 minutes drive, to meet up with a good proportion of the team. Being a ‘service’ dept for the Bank, it is always impossible for attendance to be 100%, but I couldn’t help feeling that the threat of ‘work oriented, strategic discussions’ was perhaps too much for some people to bear the thought! In the end it was actually quite a good session, as a team meeting, with the usual brief focus on self-analysis (Briggs-Myers type casting for conflict resolution!) before we got onto the future focussed strategic discussion.

St Peter’s, Guildford

Unfortunately, although the social side started at 5:30 after the day’s work, i had to leave as there was an open evening at one of the local schools which we are looking at for Joshua. Over the last couple of weeks we have been to two other senior schools, and this was to be the last for the moment, but the most important as this is the Christian school and hence has the right ethos that we are keen on for Joshua. Luckily he was also keen on it as well from the point of view of the size and subjects and facilities they offer.

This was all after really not feeling 100% as well. No sympathy needed, but I had spent e previous day pretty much in a preemptive attempt to stop a cold developing, which seemed to be successful up to the point that I had a relapse on Friday where it transmuted to full blown man-flu! My gorgeous wife looked after me on both days, while I snuffled in bed, to such an extent that I felt 80% and well enough to go for a long run on Sunday.

But more of that shortly.