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Young Minds

Well, our children’s school certainly stimulate their minds.

Science Museum

Yesterday Joshua went to Intech in Winchester, which is a Science Centre and Planetarium. He said the really enjoyed it, especially the show that they had in the planetarium, but I’ll let him explain a bit more about that on his blog at the weekend.

Today Morgan went to the Science Museum in London, and delighted in telling me about the Lunar Module and spaceman, the large missiles and the show that they put on with explosive flour and a barbie doll in a canon (whose head came off apparently!) – Such is the mind of a 9 year old boy 😉

I was busy most of the day but managed to shoot out at lunchtime for a cycle which went well. I’m trying to concentrate on my stroke at the moment, pulling up and forward as well as down and back. Everytime I do, it is amazing how much easier the stroke becomes, but it still doesn’t feel natural at the moment. That is the aim, at least