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Pilates and Physio

My legs were shot after yesterday’s run.

My quads had spent a couple of hours immediately after the run threatening to cramp up and I spent the rest of the day trying to keep mobile to ward off the sensation.

A 4:30am alarm call was therefore not a welcome sound so, of course, the first and subsequent alarms were all switched off in rapid succession. So much for dedication this morning!

Lunchtime was a different matter and because I have a busy week, may well be the only gym session I get in this week. So it was off the Pilates again for me, and although I still felt like a bit of a beginner, I was more settled than last week’s initial shock to the system.

After an afternoon of work, I had to get to the physio in Guildford. Col had been a star again and taken the boys swimming while Liz stopped at home and looked after the little ones.

My ‘ankle’ has been niggling for several weeks, so I had made an appointment with the physio for this evening to get it checked out and as it was not a major issue, insomuch as the ache moves about all the time I am running, is not a constant pain and seems to dissipate within 24 hours, I was hopeful it was no to be a time off kind of injury.

Stuart the physio, and a trainee, Pete, took me through a few tests but didn’t seem to think that there was much of a problem, possibly just posterior tibial tendonitis, a slight sprain, or bruising of the tibia (worst case). Luckily, I was not exhibiting any of the full symptoms one might experience with an extreme case of any of these diagnosis, so I was given some manipulation to loosen the ankle, some ‘lasering’ for some other reason and told not to increase my mileage for a bit. I could run as per normal though. Apparently!

By the time I got home it was quite late and Liz was quite tired so I stayed home and didn’t go swimming. A strangely bitty day.

Operation Date

Another quiet and pretty normal day.

Liz made oat waffles for us this morning as we are trying to get back into a term-time routine for a few weeks, at least until her operation, which we have now had confirmed dates for, so at least that is positive; 18 May for pre-op checks and 24 May for the actual operation.Β  Colleen has said she will come down to help, but there is still a lot of unknowns around this whole thing, although it appear she is unlikely to be in hospital (St George’s, London) for more than a day – she was actually informed that if she is first in the ‘morning batch’ she may well be allowed home the same day, which is absolutely incredible.

Operation Date

So many people have offered to help already, and I have no doubt they will continue to offer, so I’ll be baking lots more goodies in thanks for all the assistance to come. Some of the most recent batch of ‘treats’ went out today, and they have been ‘well’ received πŸ™‚

The Boys have Judo on a Tuesday, so it is always busy for Liz, but she had asked Cecilia to take the children to school in the morning, so she rested for a bit after midday.

I on the other hand only had interviews, pre-project and team meetings to contend with, and even managed to fit in some cross training (cycling) and physio exercises at lunchtime.

Nevertheless, my life is still physically easier than looking after 4 children, irrespecive of how many calories I rack up during a day!

Tech Support

Buffalo Drivestation hd-lbu2

Ok – Tech Support night tonight.

Trying to setup a 1.0TB Buffalo Drivestation (fancy product name for an external hard-drive) to our Thompson Router as a NAS so that we can share it and I can download all our iTunes Media (music, films, books) onto it so that we don’t have to have the behemoth NAS Linkstation running all the time, only when we need to do a backup.

That’s the theory anyway.

As ever, nothing involving technology is quite so simple as it purports to be – whoever invented the phrase ‘plug-n-play’ had obviously watched too much Star Trek where everything is solved with the discovery of a new type of previously unknown sub-atomic particle – i.e. life just ain’t that simple!


Had a good gym session earlier – cross-training day again and I’m going to do another test run tomorrow to get back onto schedule with the training. I was thankful to have a good session earlier as last night’s swimming was bordering on awful – back to drown prevention – even Zelda was struggling to find ways to encourage and motivate me – I could see that ‘WTF’ look on her face most of the time. Ah well, at least we had a LOL about it as well.

As it was Shrove Tuesday today (the traditional eve of lent using-up-all-ingredients-in -the-larder day) we had pancakes this evening – simple to make, but nothing luxury today – the children have been used to occasionally having what they refer to as luxury pancakes with ice-cream, chocolate sprinkles, honey, maple syrup, yoghurt, etc., so they were a little put out that the traditional fare was not quite as grand as they had been expecting. It was late by the time we finished so maybe that also had something to do with how grizzly they were getting.

Anyway, back to Tech Support.

Is it Backstroke, Backstroke or Backstroke?

I went swimming today as it is half term break, so my lesson wasn’t on yesterday.

As I’m still (very grumpily) consigned not to run at the moment, and it is my cross-training day anyway, I took my Garmin to a man-sized 25m pool in London (well, more man-sized than the 15m one I use for my lessons on a Monday, but not quite as macho as the full 50m Olympic sized pools which are far and few between, but which I’ll have to try one day!)

Knowledge is power? Lol!

I’m not quite sure how the Garmin 910XT is supposed to work out the swimming strokes – I played around with it a little today, trying a combination of leaving it to run at the end of a length for a few lengths, pressing the ‘lap’ button at the end and start of a lap, to extract any rest that I had at the end of a length and also just pressing the lap at the end of a length to see if the watch could work out for itself if I was resting.

The result?

Well, not perfect, but not bad either – The real info is here on Garmin Connect, but in summary…… well, it is actually a little tricky to work it out as, according to the detail I did 18 lengths of backstroke, 4 lengths of breaststroke and 10 lengths of ‘unknown’ type. In reality I started on crawl and then continued with a breaststroke, backstroke and breaststroke sequence before repeating, finishing up after 30 minutes.

My crawl at the moment is a half glide half crawl, which Zelda is constraining me to while I learn, so honestly, I’m not surprised about that, but I’m a bit disappointed that my other strokes are (clearly) not that identifiable.

Ah, well. At least I’ll have plenty more time to practice.

Reference: Pool Plaster Repair Dallas.

Quiet Week

Well, my week has been very busy and my ankle is still coming and going.

So, although I had a week of running planned, it has actually turned out something like this :

Schedule Actual Time RPE Enjoyment Load Calories
Run 30.3 miles 0.0 miles 0:00 0.0 0.0 0 0
Row 0.0 km 2.0 km 0:08 8.0 4.0 64 129
Swim 0.0 m 500.0 m 0:40 8.0 4.0 320 300
Cycle 0.0 miles 38.4 miles 2:05 9.0 4.7 198 1481
Elliptical 0.0 m 1060.0 m 0:15 8.0 4.0 120 204
Physio 0.0 m 0.0 m 0:55 8.7 4.3 157 393

All in all, it actually hasn’t been a bad week of cross training, and since I was planning on a rest week next week anyway, I’m sure the ‘imposed’ rest will have little impact on my training as I’ll probably swap around my weeks. I try to be as flexible as possible with my training nowadays. Despite anything else, it lends itself better to less disappointment. I am trying to do more cross training as well, so I look at this as an opportunity to achieve my stated aims.

Does it sound like I am trying to convince myself? πŸ™‚

Cross-Training (Rest) day

Cross-training today, chose cycling again after yesterday’s swimming.

Down the gym at lunchtime with Colin, one of my colleagues who has had a back injury since Christmas so he is taking it easy as well; it seems there is a lot of it about – injuries I mean, another colleague had knee problems and that was after rupturing his achilles, yet another had back problems. Given the choice to get injured or be sedentary, it is surprising so many of us choose to be active. Anyway, I digress.

Technogym Stationary Bike

Just a simple cycle today as I’d done some physio yesterday and I hadn’t done a long cycle at a lunchtime for ages.I managed 22km in 45 minutes at around 190 watts, kw or whatever the power scale was; the setting was 8, if that means anything to anyone! πŸ™‚ Either way, I was quite pleased as for 45 minutes this was only marginally slower than I normally do for my 10 minute warmups, and most of the time was lost at the start (ironically while warming up!) and I subsequently managed about 2 min/km for the rest of the session.

Although I had my heart rate monitor on I found it hard to get my pulse up above 150 and the average for the session was 141, I’ll be keeping an eye on that over the coming weeks along with a lot of other indicators of fitness.

Finished my appraisals this afternoon, so at least that is done and everyone seems relatively happy with their reviews, which is always a bonus. Getting a lot done at the moment at work, and with all the exercising I’m doing as well the time is just flying by already this year.

Pace session tomorrow – must be interval week.

Full Day

Out for my second long run in sequence this morning.

It’s still January and yet already the Monday runs are getting to the stage where they take about an hour – mainly because of how slow I am, and not the distance I am running πŸ™‚ Soon be getting up at 5:00am then; Liz is very thoughtfully doing that at the moment to get her run in, but we chatted yesterday evening and decided that setup wasn’t going to last long.

Temperature dropping to normal!

I forgot my head torch this morning (more paraphernalia), but rather than procrastinate further decided on a street-lit run as I didn’t really fancy slipping around the muddy trails I was on yesterday either, but in the dark. Darkness always adds another (or should that be takes away) another dimension.

There was actually a very (very) brief flurry of snow this morning; nothing came of it, but I guess that shows how cold it was.

So round the houses again I went. I am looking forward to the summer and some early morning and late evening runs now – just at the moment it can’t really come soon enough πŸ˜‰

Lunchtime was a cycle and physio session – thought I’d just mix it up a bit by doing some physio today and then tomorrow I can do the same routine but with different exercises.

Tried the Garmin 910XT out at swimming in the evening and I’ll have to figure out all the stats and so on, on the Garmin Connect page!

So all in all quite a full day of training, and I’ll be glad of a bit of a break with just a cross-training session planned for tomorrow.