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Speak to the Man

After yesterday’s shock news that the Amplatzer Septal defect occluder although seated properly seems to be ‘leaking’ we have obviously been concerned as to what exactly this means.

Liz has discussed with a number of her friends but none have sufficient depth of knowledge in what is obviously a highly specialised area to really be able to offer more than rudimentary comfort and support, which although welcome has not really been sufficient to allay her fears of what might happen, especially after being told worst case it could mean open heart surgery 😯

Liz managed to get a call through to Mr Ward’s secretary and left a message with her explaining that she needed to speak with him and needed to discuss her situation. As he is clearly a busy man, Liz wasn’t really expecting a response.

However, at 6:00pm she received a call back from the man himself.

He explained, firstly, that he did not understand why the doctor had asked for the scan at this time, only a month after the procedure to close the PFO, since he would not expect the heart muscle to have fully sealed around the device until at least 3 months after the operation, so everything was as he would have expected at this stage.

He stated that Liz should be doing everything that she felt she needs to do, in terms of her ongoing physical therapy and that he would see her in a month or so, as planned, to discuss and review her case, but a further scan would not be carried out until the three month mark. He confirmed that having reviewed her notes she had nothing to worry about at all 🙂

I went for a run today and my ankle / foot still seems no better than it was three weeks ago after 8km round the city.

I hope I get similar good news after my next visit to the physio on Monday.