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A Good Way To Finish

This was do or die.

After 5 months of races, it now all came down to this one final 100 miles.

I had inadvertently fallen into the Centurion Racing ‘grand slam’, a series of four races run by the same team which challenged not only my now favourite 100 mile trail running distance, but extended the challenge to running consecutive races carried out only a few weeks apart.

Trail running has exploded recently, with many, many people discovering the joy of running in the countryside, as opposed to battling with masses in city races, and this series of races catered well for the equally expanding appetite for ultrarunning, by taking in long distance runs along beautiful English national trails.

At the beginning of May, I found myself running 100 miles along the Thames, in the TP100 from Richmond to Oxford, followed 6 weeks later, by a similarly lengthy, but much hillier jaunt along the South Downs way, the SDW100 from Winchester to Eastbourne, in June. Typically, on the hottest day in August, 8 weeks later, I found myself running along the North Downs way in the NDW100, from Farnham to Wye in Kent. I had completed all these races in under 24 hours, setting a new personal best at the Thames Path 100 in May. I was quietly confident of a good race now, but I was also aware, through bitter experience that ANYTHING can, and often does, happen in a 100 mile race and nothing is a given.

A100 Start line 3
A100 Start line 3 (Photo: Stuart March)

So it was that I arrived in Goring, on 17 October, thankfully fully recovered from my previous exploits, having managed to exorcise the phantom niggles the mind throws at you before a race, and I was confidently toeing the start line of my 10th 100 mile race.

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Sometimes It Works….

Bless the guys at Centurion Running. They must’ve really been having a bad morning!

I had been looking around for a ‘local’ 100 miler to participate in around the middle of next year and I’d found a relatively new race along the South Downs. The race goes from near Winchester a few miles inland along the south coast of the UK, but at its closest point to Guildford is probably less than 20 miles south.

South Downs

It sounded good to me, but registration was not open until 10:00am this morning, 25th Sept.

So I logged on expectantly just before the preset time and started pressing my browser refresh regularly waiting for the predicted registration link to appear. Just after 10:00am, I and presumably the hundreds of other enthusiastic and excited ultra-runners who were trying to get a place on the race, were presented with a blank screen and a rather slow ‘progress’ bar. All my attempts to get in to find the page were thwarted and I was continually presented with a number of general server timeout error codes.

A quick look at Centurion Running on twitter and they announced server problems and a server reset had not solved the huge traffic induced problem, and a further announcement would be made at 1:00pm.

So I went for a run 🙂

In addition to work and helping with children, I seem to be spending a lot of time blogging and along with Liz working on stuff around the house as we are doing a lot of work at the moment – or rather having a lot done; painting, curtains, cabinets, etc. The trouble is, there doesn’t seem to be much time left to spend on training or planning training, so I have to take the opportunity when it arises!

Belt Buckle

Just a short one lunchtime to loosen the legs up, and it was nice to be outside. The City air is getting noticeably cooler and it was quite windy today as well, so my temperature was just right when I got back to the office (normally I spend 30 minutes cooling down!)

While checking my emails and eating my lunch, I checked out the website again and they are going to try the whole registration thing again next Tuesday, so if you fancy 100 miles along the South Downs mid-June, you know where to go at 10:00am, 2nd Oct!