Looking on the Bright Side

There is a 48 hour strike by London Underground tube workers at the moment.

I’m loath to comment on my feelings for this as I’ve not investigated the plight of the ticket office staff who stand to be made redundant if the offices are closed as planned, so consequently I’m not sure whether to empathise with them or not.

The impact is a severely limited service for 48 hours for the millions of commuters who rely on the tube service to get from the many mainline stations in London across the city to their work destinations. Clearly with a sudden outflow to ‘other’ modes of transport (bus, taxis, Boris-bikes and shank’s pony) the roads and pavements were going to be full this morning.

Vanilla Skyline
Vanilla Skyline

I chose to walk from Waterloo though and the weather, for once, played ball, and my reward was a stunning view of the London skyline silhouetted against a vanilla sky.

It got me thinking about the positives of such a situation, and although I probably don’t need it, the extra exercise I have been forced into and even the extra food I can now eat, will certainly prove a positive!

Every cloud has a silver lining 😆

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