New year, new shoes

Liz, my wife, has had a pair of Vibrams (black ‘flow’ type, I think) which have been getting a bit long in the tooth.

Happy wife, happy dog!
Happy wife, happy dog!

Not surprising really, since they are well over 4 years old, and have seen quite a few trail based miles, along the river Wey and the Downs around Guildford.

I bought her a new pair for Christmas, but alas they were not the right size and with running shoes in general, it is essential to get the right size, but with the all enveloping form of the Vibrams, it is critical that they are snug. So today she managed to find time to pop into our local running store, Fitstuff, and this is the result.

I’m not sure who is happier, Liz or Adastra, to be finally hitting the streets again 🙂

Enjoy ML x

2 thoughts on “New year, new shoes”

  1. Hey… my looooove!!!!!! 🙂 it was so so good to get out there again. The way Adastra was bouncing around one would say she was the happiest but then no one could see how big my heart had become as it was hidden inside 🙂 very happy ML, thank you so much. They are incredible snug and I feel like I am running barefoot… exactly as it should be! X xxxx

    1. Glad ML and my pleasure. I hate to imagine what the Vibrams look like now, and of course Adastra!!! 😮 I don’t suppose you took an ‘after’ photo as well?

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