Long time, no write.

My last blog was some months ago; in fact my last post was about my exploits at Leadville, and despite the fact I tried to write it as quickly as I could to preserve the memory of the detail, it still took at least 4-6 weeks to complete; clearly, you can’t hurry the creative process 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve been running still, but have also taken up another course of learning which has also taken up more time than I had anticipated.

Misty Morning Run
Misty Morning Run

I’ve also had technical problems with my blog which, even though I am in IT as a profession, has proved difficult to get to the bottom of and even now my presence in cyberspace is not firing on all cylinders.

The upshot has been that I’ve not been blogging as much recently as I have in the past, and perhaps I need to concentrate on shorter, sharper, snappier posts to get something down in the ether.

In my defence, it is the down season and I have been starting to look at making plans for next year’s big races, and since I have the requisite points for the UTMB my registration for this in December will be a certainty; although the outcome of the lottery will be less predictable. I’m still on the lookout for a race in June as well, in order to follow a similar pattern to the one I did this year with two months between races, but so far the registration have eluded me.

Still, nothing like a bit of peer pressure to shake you out of your malaise and stimulate some creative thought, so thanks to Liza Howard for mentioning me on the RWB Facebook page, so now I have to post more often 😆


5 thoughts on “Long time, no write.”

  1. Good luck with that registration/lottery process. Sometimes the race planning seems as difficult as the race itself. Glad you are writing again. -Greg

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