SDW100 Update

First 100 done. Talk about a milestone and a vindication of all the effort I have put into my training.

South Downs Sunset
South Downs Sunset

It was a hard course, but an absolutely fantastic race. Started out at 6am in Winchester with clear blue skies after rain overnight and ran steadily through to the halfway point, suffering from cramps occasionally after about 30 miles, but managed it so I didn’t have to stop walk much. Chatted with various other competitors. Met Liz and the family at Washington and then carried on for second half. Slowed a bit up to Southease at 83 miles, which was the entirety of the course I had recce’d over the last few weeks, which I reached at about 10:00pm. Big mistake.

My waist light broke so I had to use my backup headlight over an unfamiliar part of the course, with quads which were increasingly trashed. Running was little faster than walking, but a had the company of a few guys for the last 10-12 miles, which kept me going.

My right shin, where I had some tendonitis, caused a real problem on the downhills into Eastbourne.

Nevertheless, I made it home in 20:13:45 – 32 position out of 250 entrants (not sure how many starters in the end). I’m happy with that!

Full update to follow.

8 thoughts on “SDW100 Update”

    1. Thanks Dad, I was glad to get to the end! Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Thought of Mum along the way – she was always happier when I got to the end of these things as well!

    1. Thanks Liza! It was a great race, well organised with some good competitors taking part. It’s good to be back.

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