Pomeroy Peloton

The boys were eager to try out their new bikes this weekend, and our normal ‘easy’ route consists of driving to Bramley, to the old disused Bramley and Wonersh railway station and then cycling towards Cranleigh, so we had promised them a long cycle as they are keen and we have to jump on any enthusiasm they show for things! (early teenage years)

First, we had to get Luke to a party though; only the first week back at school at we are into the party season already – roll on Christmas! Liz popped him over mid morning and then we all went to swimming with Savannah which she thoroughly enjoyed, given the confidence she had gained throughout the summer. The boys played outside while we attempted not to expire in the heat of the covered pool at Boxgrove which for some reason was more like a sauna, without the plunge pool πŸ™ While the elder boys played outside on the new playground equipment, we chatted with Ros, a friend from Pewley and HT, whose son Nate had just started with Zelda. After that it was straight off to pick up Luke from Rowley, between Bramley and Cranleigh.

Three hours later we had got home, picked up the bikes, finished the last minute adjustments and tyre pumping, before setting off down the canal, to cycle all the way to practically where we had been driving past earlier in the day – much to the consternation of the children – “Why did we come this way? Why didn’t we stay where we were?”, etc, etc.

The route was quite a challenge for them and by the time we got to Shamley Green and our favourite hostelry, the Red Lion, it was just before 5:00pm and we were all ready for some supper. Make a mental note at this point to check when these quaint country pubs actually start serving evening food; 6:30pm in our case having finished the lunch session at 3pm. Finding ourselves in the middle of no-man’s land, our window’s of opportunity well and truly closed, we got a few bags of crisps and Liz got some further ‘incentives’ for the long road home.

They all did well to do at least 20km and we ended at about 6:30pm back home outside our other favourite pub, the Britannia!

They slept well that evening


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