Swimming in Vegas

It was so hot overnight, we spent most of the morning and early afternoon darting from swimming pool, breakfast in the A/C RV back to the pool, lunch in the A/C RV and then back to the pool!
Today went something like this:

  • Swimming in the Pool
  • Breakfast in the Air Conditioned RV
  • Swimming in the Pool
  • Lunch in the Air Conditioned RV
  • Swimming in the Pool


Cotton Candy Dessert

In fact, we had planned to go back into Vegas to ‘The Strip’ mid to late afternoon to see if it was less crowded, but in the end the heat won over us and we decided against it.

We had to get some supper though, so we treked our way to the hotel Circus Circus opposite where we were staying and had a meal in the air conditioning there instead! We went to a Rock ‘n Rita’s for a pleasant supper, but the boys were more interested in the American Football playing on the big screens. They naturally assumed it was rugby (because of the shape of the ball) so I had to search my memory for the rules of the game to explain to the children and dad!

The children had even more surprises coming as we ordered them cotton candy for dessert which, of course, they loved.

As we departed the restaurant dad and I threw a couple of dollars into the ‘Slots of Fun’ and although we won a few times on the 1c slots, we eventually lost our stake money and came away.

We settled the children down in the RV with grandad kindly baby sitting for us, and then Liz and I hit the town!

Outside the Harley Davidson store

We got the bus back into the Strip, but stayed on it a little longer than previously, going further south almost to the MGM Grand Hotel, opposite New York, New York, where we saw a (large) scale replica of the statue of liberty, and another building made up of a medley of skyscrapers including the Empire State and the Chrysler Building. We crossed over the road to the Hard Rock Café and walked north taking in all the sights. This end of the South Las Vegas Boulevard seemed a little more characterised by restaurants and tacky shops though (and the inevitable locals every 20ft trying to give away flyers for escort girls, nude shows and all other manner of questionable entertainment!)

We passed quickly along the street stopping briefly at the Harley Davidson store, complete with giant Harley breaking out of the first floor.

We then made our way to the Bellagio again as we wanted to see not only the magnificent fountains (which I could spend hours watching) but also to go inside to have a look at the massive casino floor of Ocean’s Eleven fame.


The unique Bellagio Fountains, to the Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

There are many spectacular sights in Las Vegas, but one of the most astounding, in my opinion, is the size of the casino floor in the Bellagio, which is only one of the hundreds of casinos in the town, and yet this, as with most others, was packed with people gambling at all manner of games to try to ‘strike it rich’. Liz and I are not gamblers, and so it was fascinating to watch the gambling on the roulette wheels, the ‘craps’ tables, black jack and poker as well as any number of other games of which neither of us had ever heard.

We quickly lost a couple of dollars in the slots in the Bellagio, and then made our way back to the RV park by bus again.

We could not resist a quick flutter as we walked back through the air conditioning of Circus Circus casino floor again (maybe that is how addictions start!) and although we had won earlier, our money quickly dwindled away to nothing. All in all we came away about $4 down on the night; the house always wins 😉

When we got back to the RV it was between 12:30-1:00am and all the occupants were fast asleep. For the record, Dad reported next morning that the children had been as good as gold, and after watching a couple of DVDs had taken themselves to bed without any fuss.

Miracles will never cease 🙂

RV Trip Day 10: KOA Circus Circus, Las Vegas, NV
Total Mileage: 1415 miles
RV_Trip_Day_10_KOA_Circus_Circus_Las_Vegas_NV [zoom=15;gpxview=all]

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