North to Bryce Canyon

This morning, in the marina next to Lake Powell, we awoke with the sunrise over the lake – there was a beautiful red on eastern horizon which complemented the surrounding hills. Liz and Dad went to take pictures while I stayed after a restless night.

[singlepic id=590 w=320 h=240 float=right]Liz made scrambled eggs for all our breakfast, as we were starting to think of using up our supplies! She then took the children for a quick walk to the shore of Lake Powell while dad and I sorted out the RV.

This is another lake which has been formed by the damming of the Colorado River, and Lake Powell is second in size of reservoir capacity to Lake Mead, which is the Reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam. As with Lake Mead though, the levels of the water were very low, and the children had to walk almost 3/4 mile to get from the car park to the shore.

After I’d disconnected the RV in the now routine process of disconnecting the waste pipe, water and electricity hook up, Dad and I drove round to the shore to find the children all having an impromptu skinny dipping session – as they had not taken their costumes with them and could not resist the water in the heat of the Arizona sunlight at 10am.

I swam with them for a bit, (NOT skinny dipping!) which was quite pleasant in the fresh water of the lake, although interestingly it was not anywhere near as clear as the mountain water at Lake Tahoe, since the Colorado River, feeding the lake, has no doubt done many thousands of miles before reaching this point and so understandably would have got a bit mucky on the way.

We were quickly back on the road and out of the site, conscious of the fact that when we crossed the state line, some two minutes later, we would lose an hour as we moved into Utah. Back in Utah, we were really starting to feel like we were on our way home.

The ever-changing landscape continued to thrill us, with more red canyons cliffs and rainbow strata on the way east to Kanab before turning north again towards the National Parks of Zion and Bryce Canyon. We were hoping to get to Zion, but would have to see how the time goes as it is running out rapidly and we have heard good reports of Bryce Canyon from a lot of friends.

[singlepic id=591 w=320 h=240 float=left]The way up to Bryce Canyon, where we were now heading seemed like quite a short journey, only 150 miles for the day. After a couple of souvenir stops at the local Navajo Indian stores we reached Ruby’s Inn a couple of miles outside Bryce Canyon at about 3:00pm; this was having lost an hour to the daylight saving time change moving from Arizona to Utah though – about 2½ hours travelling without stops.

We decided not to get the shuttle bus into the Park, so it was straight down to the pool after a quick bite of lunch, for an hour or so to let the children relax and let off some steam, and then back to the town for some more hunting round the souvenir shops for an early supper.

Ruby’s inn seems to be quite an authentic cattle town. There was a rodeo show and horse riding, and although it seems quite tourist oriented (judging from the hoards of Germans descending on the hotel buffet from a tour coach in mid-evening) it also seems quite genuine, judging from the sounds of the cattle and the smell of the horses around the town!

RV Trip, Day 13: Wahweap RV Park, Page, Az to Bryce Canyon, UT
Day Mileage: 146 miles
Total Mileage: 2003 miles

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