Where is all the work coming from?

It has been very busy at work recently.

I think this time of year seems to be busy for almost everyone at the EBRD. Generally speaking, there are mid-year reviews of projects and budgets to get in place and, because of the nature of the Bank, specifically the high proportion of people who come from foreign countries, August seems to be a bit of a ‘close-down’ month and as a consequence of impending two or three week holidays approaching everyone tries to get as much done during late June and July.

Solstice Sunrise…. Not this year.

Of course, since we are in the middle of a financial crisis and credit from other private investment Banks has reduced, especially in Eastern Europe, and the fact that as a Bank, we are currently expanding our areas of operation to countries involved in the last year’s Arab spring, we have even more projects and investment to get through than ever before.

From an IT perspective, we are also going through a mid-year budgeting and prioritisation process in order to clarify the work plan for the rest of 2012. I have had so many requests coming through into my area that many of my projects are being put into the prioritisation hat for consideration, although this is frustrating as it means we are doing less ‘real’ work.

So my week to date has been filled with budget reviews, project investment analysis and a lot of project feasibility work, all, of course, needed yesterday!

I’ve had the chance to get down the gym a couple of times and my foot is a lot better on the top, although the side is still of concern. As a result I’ve been doing a lot more cycling again and keeping up the physio exercises as well as pilates and swimming at the beginning of the week.

It is the longest day (summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere as well today, which always reminds me of things that I have done in past years; 2 years ago I was about to do the Cotswolds 100 miler and the year before that, Tim, John, Greg and myself were off to Snowdon for our first attempt at the Welsh 3000’s. It was similar weather back then, as it is now, and at that time the rain in the Welsh hills beat us into submission very quickly. This year, the sunrise at Stonehenge was an equal washout.

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    1. Yes! We’ll being very careful with our releases and upgrades in the future! Need a holiday though 🙂 xxxx

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