Rest Day….for some!

We arrived home mid evening yesterday and really didn’t do much else before crashing out, but when we arrived, the children were all still up and wildly happy to welcome their mother home.

Today was more of a normal day, with the school run to do and so on. Liz was under strict instructions to rest which she complied with for most of the day, although clearly had done too much (?) by 2:30 as she had to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.

Liz has been restricted from doing any heavy lifting, walking up too many stairs or hills – so the school run is out for a couple of days!

The main concern is still the slit that was made in her groin, in order to insert the sheath for the catheter. While there is little chance that it is going to bleed now, there’s a chance of a haematoma or bleeding beneath the surface which would be a worry.

Fluffy Friday May 2012

Colleen and I walked the children to school first thing, but after dropping them off for their ‘fluffy Friday’, where they wear civvies to school and have a day where they have prearranged ‘fun’ activities, we then stopped off for a couple of croissants for breakfast, which we took back to Liz at home.

After that I had some time to spare, so decided to get a quick run in.

It was hot outside and I was prepared for an easy run. The last time I’d run in the heat was mid-April when in America (see here!) but today turned out to be better.

I ran easily around the level ground of Bramley, Wonersh and Shalford, but surprised myself with a turn of pace with which I was happy. It was definitely hotter than recently though (I wore a sleeveless vest for the first time in probably 30 months) and even with the wind, I was still a trifle warm.

Run done and lunch over, Liz had to rest for a bit, so Col and myself walked back up to school to pick up the little one’s from their fluffy day. Luke had been to ‘Spain’ doing all sorts, and Savannah proudly handed me a pot with her planted rocket (presumably salad leaf) in it. Joshua had been outside all day playing cricket and other sports, which he had enjoyed, but was clearly tired and hot as well, so an ice cream on the way home was in order.

A quiet day otherwise, with Morgan dropped of for his party and sleepover with a friend.

Liz has been tired, but is fine otherwise, so the recovery continues and everyone has been very kind with their thoughts and concern for her well being. They have also been amazed the procedure was so fast and she was already back home.

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  1. Keep up the good work. The two doctors (hospital not GP’s) and the rest of our choir are equally amazed and send their best wishes.

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