Hot and Cold

Another marathon training run today. Literally.

One of the best things about distance running is the joy and elation you can get from the first sip of juice when you are finished. Indeed, on a day like today, the anticipation while you are running is almost unbearable, but equally a strong motivational factor to get to the finish as fast as possible!

In the past I’ve occasionally been prepared enough to get in some ‘For Goodness Shakes’ for after a run. It is absolutely the perfect recovery drink (IMHO) as when cold, it will cool you down, quench your thirst and also has the right balance of carb / protein and a number of other essential vitamins and minerals which a body needs after running for 4 hours 🙂

For Goodness Shakes

I had purchased a couple of these yesterday, and although I started out early (6:45) for a Sunday, the heat was building for the last part of my run so I was thankful of my prize in store.

I took the same route as the previous couple of weeks, through the small villages of the Surrey Hills, again playing with the cyclists round the back roads, seemingly another organised event with drink stops and photographers this time, before descending into West Clandon and West Horsley and looping back up through the ex-farm estates, now big-money mansions towards the top of the Downs. The normal finish, through Newlands, where there was the usual Sunday bikers meeting, with shiney chromed Harleys, Ducatis, Moto Guzzis and big engined Japanese bikes, as well as a smattering of Triumphs, old and new all proudly on display.

I was glad to be home, having completed another Marathon distance run and although disappointed in the speed, given the heat, and the fact i was wearing a backpack, I was not surprised.

The family were still at church when I got back, so I sat outside and downed my superberry shake 🙂 nectar!

When the family returned a few minutes later, I had not progressed much further than a cup of sweet tea and a bowl of corn flakes (with ice cold milk!) but another cup of tea, when offered, was most welcome.

It was then that the children decided, again, that they wanted to take advantage of the heat and sample some of our less than plentiful supply of local aqua with a water fight. As luck would have it, anticipating such a situation yesterday, I had purchased another couple of pressure water pistols for them, which they were delighted with.

Water fights have come a long way since my day (here it comes… Children today, don’t know they’re born!), from the little hard plastic guns you’d be lucky if you got a couple of shots from, with massively inadequate range and even worse targeting capabilities, to today’s electrical and pressurised behemoths some with backpacks, all with a much greater capacity and ranges that Olympic javelin throwers would be happy with, all of which significantly enhances the soaking experience with the children; yes, I did join in 🙂 purely for medical reasons, of course as I wanted to keep my legs moving and mobile, so what better way than to chase the children round the garden having a water fight 😉

Savannah had a party in the afternoon to which she needed dropping off and picking up, but other than that the afternoon was really spent lazing about. Even the kittens spent most of the day on the window sill, immobile in the heat.

We finished the day off with a rather ill-timed (late, but promised) game of Cluedo, which took a touch longer as there was first-time rule explaining to go through with the children’s, and anyway having not played for upwards of twenty years, Liz, Colleen and myself all had to remember the gameplay as well! Savannah did not really catch on to the game, but the boys were very excited to think they might have murdered someone under their parents noses, with a variety of gruesome implements, and actually be able to get away with it 😯

In the end Colleen ‘won’ but Luke was the most excited as it was his character who turned out to have committed the crime.

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