Full Day

Out for my second long run in sequence this morning.

It’s still January and yet already the Monday runs are getting to the stage where they take about an hour – mainly because of how slow I am, and not the distance I am running πŸ™‚ Soon be getting up at 5:00am then; Liz is very thoughtfully doing that at the moment to get her run in, but we chatted yesterday evening and decided that setup wasn’t going to last long.

Temperature dropping to normal!

I forgot my head torch this morning (more paraphernalia), but rather than procrastinate further decided on a street-lit run as I didn’t really fancy slipping around the muddy trails I was on yesterday either, but in the dark. Darkness always adds another (or should that be takes away) another dimension.

There was actually a very (very) brief flurry of snow this morning; nothing came of it, but I guess that shows how cold it was.

So round the houses again I went. I am looking forward to the summer and some early morning and late evening runs now – just at the moment it can’t really come soon enough πŸ˜‰

Lunchtime was a cycle and physio session – thought I’d just mix it up a bit by doing some physio today and then tomorrow I can do the same routine but with different exercises.

Tried the Garmin 910XT out at swimming in the evening and I’ll have to figure out all the stats and so on, on the Garmin Connect page!

So all in all quite a full day of training, and I’ll be glad of a bit of a break with just a cross-training session planned for tomorrow.

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