Cross-Training (Rest) day

Cross-training today, chose cycling again after yesterday’s swimming.

Down the gym at lunchtime with Colin, one of my colleagues who has had a back injury since Christmas so he is taking it easy as well; it seems there is a lot of it about – injuries I mean, another colleague had knee problems and that was after rupturing his achilles, yet another had back problems. Given the choice to get injured or be sedentary, it is surprising so many of us choose to be active. Anyway, I digress.

Technogym Stationary Bike

Just a simple cycle today as I’d done some physio yesterday and I hadn’t done a long cycle at a lunchtime for ages.I managed 22km in 45 minutes at around 190 watts, kw or whatever the power scale was; the setting was 8, if that means anything to anyone! 🙂 Either way, I was quite pleased as for 45 minutes this was only marginally slower than I normally do for my 10 minute warmups, and most of the time was lost at the start (ironically while warming up!) and I subsequently managed about 2 min/km for the rest of the session.

Although I had my heart rate monitor on I found it hard to get my pulse up above 150 and the average for the session was 141, I’ll be keeping an eye on that over the coming weeks along with a lot of other indicators of fitness.

Finished my appraisals this afternoon, so at least that is done and everyone seems relatively happy with their reviews, which is always a bonus. Getting a lot done at the moment at work, and with all the exercising I’m doing as well the time is just flying by already this year.

Pace session tomorrow – must be interval week.

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