Final Preparation

One day to go and how am I feeling?

Nervous, to say the least. Not a good night sleep last night; helicopters buzzing overhead all night, children waking with sore throats, blood noses! Not sure what was going on last night.

Still, final day to prepare tomorrow, so from that point of view I’m quite relaxed.

Still wondering what I’ve let myself in for though. Sometimes I think it should be easy, and other times impossible. 100 miles, in much less than 24 hours is the aim.

Final run complete today. A sunny easy run in my Vibrams around the city, which for some reason I cut short at each turn and so ended up not actually passing any discernible landmarks. Still, final run and hence training survived! 🙂 I even smiled at the fact I had made it down the stairs at the train station on my way home this evening without breaking my leg, or something equally as significant and ironic.

Sorted out the route for my Garmin this evening followed by a final high-carb supper of steamed potatoes, vegetables and aduki beans which Liz kindly prepared for me.

Tomorrow will bring last minute prep, travelling and nerve calming!

3 thoughts on “Final Preparation”

  1. hi Richard, hope all well and you are recovering nicely. From what I can gather you achieved your 100mile goal – congrats! Just to let you know I applied for the MdS. Just waiting to hear back…Mrs R finally cracked!

  2. On reading yet another ALL inspiring post, I couldn’t help but notice the slide show of pictures to my right, revealing an extremely painful looking foot, a mass of blisters… :/ which just goes to show the passion and drive you have to pursue your goals. A lesson to us all… Good Luck !X

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