Heavy week

The first week of February turned into a pretty heavy week.

In fact my highest weekly mileage (excluding weeks which included ridiculous races in 2009) since mid-March last year – the week before the Reading Half Marathon – two weeks before I picked up a foot injury.

For the record, last week I completed 57 miles consisting of the following:

Actual Mileage – w/e 02/02/10
Date Description of Run Overall Distance Total Time Average Pace
Mon, 01/02/10 Long – Early morning in dark 16 km 1:20:00 5:00/km
Tue, 02/02/10 Vibrams Test 2 – Lunchtime 2.54 mile 0:19:00 7:28/mile
Wed, 03/02/10 Pace run at lunchtime – Thames loop 7.26 km 0:31:01 4:16/km
Thu, 04/02/10 Long – Late evening run 8 mile 1:01:10 7:38/mile
Fri, 05/02/10 Easy – London Streets 10.5 km 0:46:05 4:23/km
Sat, 06/02/10 Vibrams Test 3 – Late afternoon 2.53 mile 0:19:08 7:33/mile
Sun, 07/02/10 Long – Early morning Guildford loops 23.13 mile 3:15:07 8:26/mile

On the basis of comparison with last year’s schedule, I think things are going pretty well – in that I started earlier last year with base training and have managed to be consistent without injury and illness ever since.

Having said that, I am now changing my way of running (style and potentially shoes in the longer term), my diet (less meat) and continuing to ramp up my mileage.  My calves from the intermittent runs with different shoes are starting to complain, and I have a 50km race next Saturday.

Is this a disaster waiting to happen, or what?

Train SMARTER, stupid.

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