Hill Reps and then some

The mount has always been an object of torture. 

Guildford Cathedral from the north downs at the top of the mount

It is not the highest hill in Guildford, nor is it the longest in the area, but being so close to the start, or finish, of any run which I undertook, it is possessed of a certain level of control over me.  Enticing me to attempt it willingly at the start of a run and taunting me, daring me, to succeed on it at the end of a run.

I had decided some time ago that it was a suitable distance for reps, being about 800m along and about 80m up (the steep bit) with an extended gentle slope over the next 500m of about another 20m, and so twice this week I pulled myself around a loop involving this and an equally short but steep descent before joining the Farnham Road to finish a 2.5km circuit.

On Friday I did a good 10km loop with four of the hill circuits and on Sunday I completed an eight circuit 21km run. 

Initially I enjoyed the circuit, as the sun was out and it was a perfect morning for running across the top of the downs with the panorama of Guildford laid out before me, but after a few repetitions the circuit became increasingly mundane and the urge to break off early was another mental challenge I had to overcome, i.e. along with the thought of the hills, the heat, the distance, etc., and the simple physical exertion of the ascents.

All in all it was an interesting exercise, and one which I should be doing much more of in the coming weeks, in preparation for the ultimate hill run in August!

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