Desert Companions

If you are of a nervous disposition DO NOT READ THIS

It would appear that we are not going to be alone in the desert running all this distance.

We will have a number of small friends to keep us company which my young son, Joshua, who loves animals, is very excited about. I do not entirely share his enthusiasm. Let me explain.

There is a species of ‘spider’ known by many names, Camel Spider, Wind Spider, Sun Spider which although arachnids are not actually spiders and are found particularly in hot, arid regions of Africa (i.e. where we are going!).

Egyptian Giant Solpugid

There are a number of myths surrounding these solifugids as they are classified, which originates from latin meaning “fleeing from the sun” as they dash between shadows, sometimes giving the impression they are ‘chasing’ humans. They have no venom glands but they do have a powerful jaws which can inflict a painful bite should they have cause to.

So, while they can move quite fast, they are unlikely to attack people although I personally would not want to give them the chance.
Dave Beare mentioned sleeping OUTSIDE of the Bivouac one night when he was on his run in 2006 as there was a Camel Spider on the INSIDE!

Well at least that will make you run faster!

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