Porridge test and speedwork

Well, they say “hunger is the best chef” – not sure where this originated, it appears in Google that many countries lay claim to be the source of this. Still, the sentiments are appropriate – given the way my breakfast looked this morning….

…. and I’m more than certain that after a day or two of intense activity in the desert, this type of food will be the breakfast of champions, and I’ll be longing for warm milky porridge with sugar on top.

In reality, it actually tasted quite nice, and filled me up nicely for a run later in the day.

Did some speedwork today – trying to improve pace – so with normal Thames / embankment run, did 5 x 2min @ 5km pace + 2 min recovery.

Overall run was not the fastest, but felt good afterwards.

And there was me saying I wasn’t going to talk about my breakfast 🙂

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