Gastric delights and toenails

Maybe not the best two subjects to converse on in the same piece of correspondence, however, I can assure any avid readers the relationship is purely coincidental.

When running the Marathon des Sables, the event is referred to as “221km in free style and a food self-sufficiency”, which basically means run, walk or crawl, but you’re taking your food with you for 6 days! – so, what do you pack for an event like this?

Well, weight is obviously crucial, which will limit the initial water content of the supplies, but also running this type of endurance event, implies a calorie usage far in excess of the normal 2500 daily estimate for a male.

So a good mix of mainly carbohydrate, protein, fat and minerals (to counter salts lost through sweating) in a lightweight form is the order of the day. Getting used to it is another thing.

So this morning I started testing foods to test my reaction to them – raw rolled oats this morning – not too bad with milk and sugar, but it will be dried milk in the desert.

Other thoughts at the moment are nuts of various type, probably pistachios and cashews, along with other cereal bars. The journey continues…

Meanwhile, my left foot middle toenail has had to be extricated from its toe (again!) as it was coming off (from a run a couple of weeks ago I think) and the ne toenail was again growing underneath.

Maybe I need to see a chiropodist – hmmm! too embarrassed to do that, as my feet are a mess.

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